HYDRA WiGig: Meeting the Digital Demand

The widespread availability and use of digital multimedia content has led to the need for continuous innovations in wireless connectivity, and with 2.8 billion Wi-Fi devices projected to be sold in 2016 alone, demand for faster speeds, higher capacity and lower latency have been the driving force behind the development of Blu Wireless Technology’s HYDRA WiGig technology.

Offering more Wi-Fi capacity in the less crowded 60 gigahertz (GHz) frequency band, HYDRA WiGig enables high performance, multi-gigabit connectivity and low latency for a wide range of applications in both the consumer and business market including wireless docking, augmented reality/virtual reality, multimedia streaming, gaming and networking.

The HYDRA WiGig provides key technology for integration that can extend multi-band WiFi products into next generation Tri-band.


This allows tri-band capable devices to utilize Fast Session Transfers, maintaining session links that might have been initiated on channel to dynamically switch to from traditional 2, 4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi band to 60GHz or back again. For example, an HD streaming session initiated on a 5GHz channel can be switched to WiGig to lower power usage and free up congested channels.

In 2016, the Wi-Fi Alliance® announced enhancements to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac programme, providing data rates up to 4.5 Gbps using the 5 gigahertz (GHz) unlicensed spectrum. To complement the enhancements to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac, Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig to accelerate the commercial availability of WiGig® devices.

The HYDRA WiGig Solution

Utilizing the wider 60GHz unlicensed spectrum, HYDRA WiGig baseband technology IP provides silicon and software design flexibility to support the needs of both existing and future applications for mmWave communication devices to provide multi-gigabit data transfer capability up to 8Gbps.

The technology can be extended to provide additional features for additional value added applications such as low latency video and even extended range high speed out-door networks.

Key Benefits of HYDRA WiGig

  • High performance: Multiple ultra-wide channels to enable faster data rates of up to 8 Gbps within a 10-meter range.
  • Low latency: 60 GHz spectrum provides greater bandwidth to enable real time data transfer of uncompressed high speed video.
  • Power efficiency: Wide range of operating modes that provides flexibility between battery life and performance making it suitable for a wide array of usages including handsets and VR headsets.
  • Increased capacity: Beamforming removes cluttered bands and channel sharing between neighboring APs.
  • Extended Range support: Additional features that support the needs of long range mmWave links.


The benefits of WiGig technology reach many market segments in both consumer and business applications including:

Wireless docking: WiGig bring the wireless office closer to fruition, allowing a number of peripherals to be connected without wires and without compromising quality

Multimedia entertainment: WiGig advances the multimedia entertainment experience offering extremely high frame rates and uncompressed HD streams for an unparalleled gaming or movie viewing experience

Augmented and virtual reality: WiGig provides the low latency, high definition rendering of minimally compressed or uncompressed formats giving a more immersive experience and helping to extend the AR/VR audience.

Public kiosks: WiGig opens new opportunities for public kiosk applications by allowing users to obtain products and services quickly, securely, and wirelessly.

Enterprise connectivity: Multi-band access points that include 60 GHz support will dramatically increase Wi-Fi capacity to provide general connectivity to users, while also creating the ability to process high throughput for bandwidth intensive applications.