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There’s no doubt that 5G will be a game-changer, for businesses, individuals and society – lives will be radically transformed when it becomes a reality in a few years’ time. Whether that’s a high-quality broadband mobile experience every time, or safer, smarter, connected transport systems and infrastructure, we give our customers the tools that make it all possible.

The multi-Gigabit capabilities of WiGig® is rapidly becoming a critical component of the Wi-Fi standard, intended not just for standalone implementations, but also fully integrated into tri-band chipset solutions that support 802.11n (2.4-GHz), 802.11n and 802.11ac (5-GHz), and 802.11ad in the 60GHz band.

Hydra mmWave products

Blu Wireless Technology’s HYDRA mmWave product has been architected to enable our customers to implement cost and power efficient SoCs to support the WiGig®/802.11ad 60GHz Wi-Fi standard.

This HYDRA family of System IP from Blu Wireless provides a flexible and scalable baseband technology for mmWave gigabit wireless applications. When combined with partnered millimetre wave RF front ends, the HYDRA1.0 and its variants, can deliver cost effective and power efficient solutions for the growing WiGig® market.

The HYDRA baseband architecture has been validated in silicon using the PHY1 baseband processor and was first demonstrated at MWC 2015 using the ‘Lightning’ module.

The unique flexibility and scalability of the HYDRA family of baseband System IP provides the ability to incorporate added value features with the potential to extend the headline data rate further with a custom 64QAM single carrier mode.

HYDRA2 delivers further extensions of the HYDRA architecture to support applications as being specified by IEEE 802.11ay and a path to 5G millimetre wave communications, which will provide an IP roadmap for semiconductor companies who are looking to develop their own roadmap to span the full range of millimetre wave communication applications – from WiGig to 5G.

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