Typhoon Distribution Node Development Platform

Typhoon is a family of highly programmable wireless communication modules designed for the evaluation of the Blu Wireless mmWave silicon IP based on the IEEE 802.11-2012 DMG protocol with infrastructure and high-speed extensions, these evaluation modules enable prototype mmWave networks. Applications range from fixed wireless broadband to improving Internet access on mass transit and 5G networking.

The DN-201LC is a two-sector Distribution Node design supporting 8Gbps wireless throughput with fibre backhaul and includes a powerful, general-purpose Linux platform for network-edge applications. The design is packaged for deployment on building walls, on poles and in pairs to support full four-sector coverage. Flexible fibre back-haul is enabled by internal SFP modules with weatherproof connectors for interface and power. Additional connectivity includes Ethernet, USB and an internal M.2 slot for a built-in Wi-Fi AP.

The Typhoon family includes a CN-101LC cost-optimised mmWave CPE reference design.


  • Hydra mmWave wireless IP for IEEE 802.11-2012 DMG
  • Two-sector IP67 Distribution Node with wireless mesh support
  • 8Gbps wireless throughput
  • ARM Linux application platform with SSD and M.2 expansion
  • Flexible fibre interconnect and 48V power


  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • IoT with network edge computing
  • Wireless back-haul
  • Public access
  • Campus networking