Today we are at the start of the Brooklyn 5G Summit and we’re announcing our collaboration with LGS Innovations.

LGS Innovations is a technology company providing specialised mission-critical communications products, R&D and services, to deliver gigabit wireless communications for 5G applications such as gigabit grade Fixed Wireless Access. Both companies will demonstrate this leading edge technology at the 2018 Brooklyn 5G Summit this week

Blu Wireless has been working with LGS Innovations for the past two years to integrate its leading “HYDRA” gigabit mmWave modem technology with the advanced W-Band active phased array technology from LGS Innovations. This authoritative combination of advanced enabling technology will deliver unprecedented impact in the 5G market space for cutting edge applications that will place excessive demands on bandwidth.

“Our partnership with LGS Innovations is culminating in some very exciting results,” said Henry Nurser, CEO at Blu Wireless Technology. “At the 5G Brooklyn Summit this week we’ll both be showcasing the newest generations of our respective technologies, delivering solutions that will dramatically transform network environments.”

At the Brooklyn 5G Summit, Blu Wireless will demonstrate its new dual HYDRA 1.0 gigabit mmWave modem technology, with LGS Innovations latest generation of advanced mmWave active phased array radio technology.