Blu Wireless Technology

Blu Wireless Technology is the leading Silicon IP Systems Provider for high bandwidth communication systems.

Their range of Systems provide the key technology required by the semiconductor market to create 5G infrastructure products and technology to access digital content for electronic devices.

These Systems are their ‘core IP’.

Their IP Systems provide a unique advantage to leading technology companies who cannot or do not want to develop such technologies themselves to deliver a timely and cost effective product to market.

All of their IP Systems and Products have been that have been developed to be compliant with the Wi-Fi Alliance certification process for associated logo approval.

Bristol, UK Based Business

Blu Wireless is based in Bristol, UK – a world class centre of excellence in wireless, CPU and silicon development. The company is being driven by a group of experienced industry leaders with decades of experience in the delivery of complex silicon products to the consumer electronic markets. Only a handful of teams worldwide have the right combination of skills to be successful in implementing efficient gigabit wireless communications systems, and we are already proving this to multiple customers.

Management Team

Henry Nurser, CEO

Henry has over 28 years experience in business, R&D (silicon, software and process) and operational management roles – bringing to market innovative high volume consumer products on aggressive technology nodes.

Henry started his career in memory design at Mitsubishi Semiconductor’s Japanese R&D site and on return to the UK spent 4 years managing its applications support team in the UK sales office.

He initially joined INMOS (acquired by STMicroelectronics) as manager of the process NPI team, and after bringing multiple SoC designs to high volume production in product engineering and design management roles, he was appointed as STM’s DVD & MediaCenter business unit director. Within that role he successfully anticipated and drove major SW and HW strategy changes, and was responsible for multiple design wins with tier-1 OEMs in the consumer and automotive markets.

When he left STM in May 2011 he was the technical marketing director of the Connected Home division (>$800M sales 2011).

Henry holds a degree in engineering from Cambridge University.

Ray McConnell, CTO

Ray brings over 25 years of experience with high performance, low power parallel processor technology. Starting his career with INMOS, he went on to found his first in a series of startups, Division plc, 20 years ago.

At his second startup, Ray architected a multi-threaded graphics GP-GPU processor and has developed low-power, scaled heterogeneous maths accelerator SoCs and large imaging supercomputers. He has extensive knowledge of heterogeneous acceleration, compilers and software architectures and their applicability to the ‘difficult’ processing challenges in gigabit signal processing.

He brings a broad range entrepreneurial startup experience, taking Division, PixelFusion and Clearspeed to IPO. Ray has 26 US and UK patents granted or filed and holds a computer science and cybernetics degree from the University of Kent.

Mark Barrett, CMO

Mark brings over 30 years of experience in wireless technology and product development to Blu Wireless Technology.

In particular, he has founded and played key leadership roles – including operational, business and market development – for several startups.

He began his career with Philips Research, working on millimetre wave radar and signal processing. During the 1990’s, Mark led the development of several applications of array antennas and digital beamforming to satellite, radar and mobile communications (Smart Antennas) applications. He instigated and led the TSUNAMI series of multi company European projects, which demonstrated the use of Smart Antennas for 2G and 3G mobile systems. He has also either led or been involved in the design of over a dozen mixed signal SoCs. In 2001 he founded Mansella Ltd who developed the world’s first Bluetooth cordless telephone, including the development of three complex SoCs.

He holds a degree in Electronics from Nottingham University.