5G and mmWave Systems

‘The potential in mmWave systems will be ‘industry changing’ going forward’

mmWave bands are viewed as the future primary technology choice for small cell backhaul and wireless service providers in dense urban environments.

5G offers a wider scope than previous generations of radio technologies by utilizing any radio resource that is convenient to the user including 60GHz WiGig alongside the next generations of 4G/5G LTE technologies.

5G Wireless Infrastructure System IP

To enable 60GHz as a channel for high-quality mobile data experience consumers expect in the 4G/5G era, Blu Wireless Technology have developed a new class of 5G mmWave Systems IP that is compliant with WiGig IEEE 802.11ad specifications.

Their 5G mmWave Systems IP will deliver a highly integrated, high performance, mmWave technology, provided with software tools, network extensions and expertise, that is ideal for high bandwidth short and medium range infrastructure applications.

Due to its lower power consumption, high integration, greater performance and ease of use, the 5G mmWave Systems IP is the preferred option for Fixed Access and related application against fiber and new generations of copper.

System Features

MAC: High throughput, software programmable
High Packet Rate (Pkt/s): 1m
PHY: Software Defined.
High Bit Rate (Gb/s): Upto 8
Advanced modulations: 64QAM


  • Long range: Using high performance PHY and custom features for Ultra-wide channels, enable high transmission speeds at longer ranges of over 300 meters.
  • High packet rates: Using a programmable high performance MAC provides high packet rates and additional QoS features essential for infrastructure applications.
  • Highly flexible PtMP and PtP: High speed beam steering providing low cost dynamic meshing of a great diversity of programmable network topologies.
  • Increased capacity: Beamforming reduces link interference using multiple antennas and directional communication to overcome signal decay and allow greater spectral reuse.
  • Power efficiency: Wide range of operating modes in 60GHz that provides flexibility of performance making it suitable for a wide array of usages.
  • Low latency: Wide spectrum provides greater bandwidth to enable real time data transfer and low latency across networks.

5G Verticals

  • Fixed Access: Last 10m upto 5Gbs
  • Fixed Access Distribution Networks: 2Gbs over 300m
  • Small Cell backhaul: Unlicensed high speed connectivity
  • Vehicle mobility
  • Ideal technology combination for Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

If you would like additional information about Blu Wireless 60 GHz IP Systems and Products, please contact info@bluwirelesstechnology.com