Stand out
from the crowd

We are pioneers of intelligent multi-Gbit mmWave wireless
communications systems, offering our cutting edge expertise
and technology to truly set our customers apart from the competition.
Addressing the challenge of building cost effective 5G networks,
and low latency video streaming in the home, we can provide
solutions engineered for tomorrow – today.

Enabling a new era of open, gigabit wireless connectivity for all

Blu Wireless Technology is disrupting the unlicensed mmWave 5G market with wireless of fibre level performance that you can rely on, but at copper level pricing.

The Blu Wireless team solved the technical challenges faced in delivering mmWave carrier-grade applications, combating interference and enabling seamless co-existence. Nimble, ultra-fast, easy and economically-smart wireless connectivity products based on IEEE 802.11ad/ay.

Leading the way towards a fully connected society

Our products help to deliver high-quality 5G wireless
internet access via four main applications: fixed wireless
transport, consumers and 5G small cell.


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