Blu Wireless Technology

Pioneers of intelligent, agile, mmWave products, Blu Wireless Technology enables accessible, multi-Gbit communications that put our customers far ahead of the competition… because we recognise that every demand on tomorrow’s connectivity has different needs and priorities. 

Whether it’s wireless to the home (WTTH), wireless to the building (WTTB), or wireless connectivity on high-speed transport, whatever the challenge, Blu Wireless provides intelligent wireless broadband that you can have confidence in because multi-gigabit, mmWave connectivity is our world.

Recognising the ‘’not-spot” issue needed to be solved, we’ve worked tirelessly to uncover a path to Carrier Grade, robust wireless connectivity that you can rely on. Nimble, ultra-fast, easy and economically-smart wireless connectivity products are what we engineer now, in anticipation of tomorrow.


Enabling a new era of gigabit wireless connectivity for all