Blu Wireless Technology

Blu Wireless designs and licenses silicon IP for 60GHz and other mm wave applications.

The 60GHz band enables multi-gigabit data transfer and is vital for the emerging, and rapidly growing WiGig (802.11ad WiFi) and mm wave 4G backhaul markets. By using our IP, device manufacturers can quickly and cost-effectively develop and launch industry leading wireless ICs with 60GHz functionality. Follow the below links for technical information on our HYDRA intellectual property and how it can be applied to the WiGig and 4G backhaul industries.

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HYDRA 60GHz baseband IP for WiGig and 4G backhaul applications

A highly flexible, efficient, and scalable low-cost architecture for the support of emerging multi-gigabit communications standards.

The 60GHz market is forecast to be worth over $5B per annum by 2018. It is being driven by consumer demand for HD video ‘anywhere, anytime’ on smartphones, laptops and tablets. The 60GHz 802.11ad Wi-Fi standard (WiGig) is now hitting the market and is capable of delivering more than 20 times the speed of existing Wi-Fi. This enables the near instantaneous sharing of large HD video files between devices and also supports low latency wireless streaming of video and gaming content to large HDTVs.

4G base station companies are also planning to use the 60GHz band for high-speed unlicensed wireless links between small cells that can be mounted on street furniture such as signs and street lamps. The demand for these small cells is being driven by the same consumer consumption of mobile video and is forecast to be worth over $3B per annum by 2018.

Blu Wireless’s HYDRA baseband IP can be easily and cost effectively integrated into your product portfolio to let you quickly develop 60GHz communication devices.

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